Enterprise taps TOP Marketing USA for NHL Winter Classic Activation





TOP Marketing USA was engaged by Enterprise to develop a high quality premium in conjunction with the brand’s NHL Winter Classic activation. Enterprise came up with an ingenious fan engagement concept whereby fans tried to shoot a puck into a dryer ( a la Sidney Crosby as a youth). ¬†Fans lined up to try their luck and afterwards were rewarded with a pair of custom binoculars bearing the Enterprise and NHL Winter Classic logos. Not only were the binoculars a terrific keepsake, that puts the Enterprise brand at the forefront with thousands of hockey fans, but they also were the must-have accessory in the stadium for the event. TOP Marketing USA staff reported that thousands of fans were using their binoculars to get a close up view of their favorite players during the game.




TOP Marketing USA is proud to work with Enterprise on many of their terrific branding initiatives.

TOP Marketing USA is proud to be a Preferred Premium Supplier of the NHL.

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